What the Bible teaches about the Bible

  • The Bible alone is the inspired Word of God.  There is no subsequent or other written revelation from God.
  • The inspiration of the Bible is verbal, plenary, flawless, and final.
  •  The Bible's message is for all people, in all places and for all times.

What the Bible teaches about God:

  • There is one true God: infinite in being, eternally coexisting in three persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
  • God is revealed as holy, righteous, eternal, omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent and sovereign.
  • The eternal Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, became man; possessing both full Deity and sinless, perfect humanity.
  • His death at Calvary was purposed eternally.  That death was necessary to meet God's righteous sentence of judgment against us for having broken His holy law.
  • He physically arose from the dead and ascended into heaven.
  • The account of His death as a sacrifice for sin, His burial and resurrection comprise the good news known as the Gospel.

What the Bible teaches about Humanity:

  • Adam, the head of the human family, created in the image of God, sinned against God through disobedience of God's commandment.
  • We, consequently, live in a creation scarred by that original sin.  And we, ourselves, sin repeatedly since by our very nature we are sinners and will be held accountable by God.
  • God provides salvation to every person who will acknowledge their need and receive His salvation in Christ.
  • Every person will exist eternally either in Heaven or under His judgement by their own choice of accepting or rejecting God's offer of salvation.

What the Bible teaches about Salvation:

  • Personal salvation is necessary for all and is received by faith alone in Christ and His atoning death.

  • Repentance of sin and believing in Christ as Savior and Lord results in the complete forgiveness of sins and present possession of eternal life.

  • Salvation is an instantaneous, once-for-all moment that secures eternal life which can never be lost.

  • Every person who is saved is immediately indwelled by the Spirit of God and born into the family of God.

  • Through the Holy Spirit, God empowers and purposes for each person to live that they might glorify God.

What the Bible teaches about the Church:

  • All who have trusted Christ for personal salvation become members of His church which, mystically, is His body.

  • Local gatherings of Christians "in His name" and owning His authority comprise local assembly testimony.